2020 Camp Speakers

Phil Cann - Sr. High

Phil loves being on the move, if standing still was a sport he’d be the worst in the world! He loves his wife, kids, and grandkids. He’s pastored in the UK and in the Middle East, and currently helps lead a Church in the mountains just outside Whistler BC.

Whether he’s helping to run outreach teams all across Europe or speaking to small groups and conferences around the world his passion for making the Bible a living reality to guide 21st century “humans” in everyday life is a central theme to everything he does.

He loves God, is committed to serving the local Church and wrestles with the things that annoy him about the Bible. But … he is horrible at video games, board games and committee meetings… so don’t ask him to play Settlers of Catan!!

Julie Moser - Preteen 1

Julie Moser is an Australian who has lived in Canada since 2004. She has been involved in Youth Ministry for the past 30 years as a youth minister in Australia and Canada. For the past six years she worked as the Youth and Children’s Missioner in the Diocese of Qu’Appelle until November 2019.

She is passionate about teaching God’s word and discipling young people in the faith. She is the author of several youth ministry resources including Studies 2 Go and More Studies 2 Go. She is married to Ken who is the Professor of Youth Ministry at Briercrest College, SK.

Randy Carter - Junior High 1

Randy Carter has a passion for student ministry, in fact he says. ”Why would anyone choose to work with adults when they can work with students?” His unique blend of humor and direct approach to truth allows him to captivate the listener and drive home the truth in a relevant and meaningful way.

Randy has been involved in youth work since 1979, eleven years of which he served as a youth pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in western Canada. Since July 1994 he has been involved as an itinerant youth speaker and a youth ministry consultant with Straight Talk Ministries.

Gianne Stover - Preteen 2

Gianne Stover is from Bonnyville Alberta, and is 46 years young. She is a wife, mom, mom-in-law, and Gee-Gee (Grandma), and recently became a teacher. She loves adventure, painting, board games with friends, traveling, snorkeling, zip-lining, and wants to know where is the best place to try sky-diving?

When her first son was born she realized she needed to put feet to her faith so she began her journey of studying God's stories so that she could teach her family. As a result, she worked as the Children's Pastor at her church for 8 years so she could teach more kids! And then her family started Camp Shekinah so they could teach even more!

As a Camp Speaker, she takes you through the whole Bible to show how God's story is a plan to save us from self-destructing. Using video, object lessons, games, and God's Word, see just how far God will go for you!

Curtis & Bonnie - Primary

Curtis and Bonnie have been touring all across Canada for over 15 years, sharing their music with many people. Throughout that time they have made many new additions to their band. They are now the proud parents of eight: Heidi, Meka, Alonzo, Peter, Isaac, Sunny, Amy and Davidson.

As a family, they constantly tour all over the country with the goal of sharing the amazing love that they have found in Jesus Christ through their music and their stories. They have come out to Pleasantview several times before and we are so excited to have them back again this year! Please visit www.singingwithgrace.com to find out more about them or to check out some of their recorded music.

Adam Driscoll - Junior High 2

Adam is passionate about inspiring the pursuit of God's call and nurturing growing disciples. He lives in Moose Jaw, SK with his wife Angela and their three kids, Lucas, Aurora, and Julia.

He is the Director of Spiritual Development at Cornerstone Christian School where everyday he helps students consider how life and faith intersect. He is also a speaker for Kids Matter Leadership, a charity that exists to develop character, competency and commitment in the next generation of Canada's kids.

He LOVES to read and thanks Pleasantview Bible Camp for introducing him to coffee when he was on staff there 13 years ago! Can't wait to be there again!